In Brief 
April 2011-Wolf Kabeltechnik
Wert Italia was appointed as representative and distributor of Wolf Kabletechnik safety and enviornmental solutions ...<more>

Feb 2011 - Ceramic cable
Aksh announced a new optical "ceramic armoured cable" ... <more>

Jan 2011 - Mantovani-Serazzi
A preliminary agreement with italian cable maker
Mantovani&Serazzi SpA .... <more>

Dec 2010 Optotec
Wert Italia and Optotec SpA entered a partnership agreement ... <more>

We provide management, representation and sales services to world class vendors, with a specific focus on the industries of Information Technology, Telecommunication and Security.

Thanks to an over 15 years fruitful experience in these industries and to a global sales network, we offer our business partners a great deal of support to drive their business development projects.

Services incude strategic planning, industrial consultancy, sales development and logistics. Operations are spread throughout the world, although mainly focused on Eastern Europe, CIS and Middle East countries.

Contact us: sales @ (blanks intentionally inserted to prevent spam)
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