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Optotec SpA is a leading manufacturer of optical cosingle circuit optical closuresmponents and accessories for the telecommunication industry.

Part of N.T.E.T. group, who operates in diversified industrial sectors, including power and automotive, Optotec delivers world-class products to operators, system providers and system integrators worldwide.

Product portfolio includes:

  • Connectivityfield installable optical connectors
  • Attenuators and splitters
  • Distribution frames and racks
  • Splice closures
  • Wall mount boxes
  • Optical outlets

AKSH optifibre

AKSH Technologies Ltd 
is a leading maker of optical fibre and optical fibr
metal armoured fibre cablee cables.
AKSH has fibre drawing capacity exceeding 2m km/y and optical cable
manufacturing capacity of over 150,000 km/year, therefore positioning the company within the most global significant vendors.
Moreover, Aksh manufactures fiberglass reinforced plastic rods and water blocking yarns, which are widely used in the optical cable industry, being the only global manufacturer of optical cables with such in-house capabilities.
AKSH is listed on India stock exchange (
Products portfolio include:
  • SMR and multimode fibres AKSG FTTH cable
  • FRP and ARP rods
  • Waterblocking yarns
  • Single and multi loose tubes optical cables
  • Ribbon cables
  • Tight and breakouts cables
  • FTTH cables
  • Hybrid cables
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Mantovani e Serazzi SpA is a special cable manufacturer of copper and optical fibre cables Mantovani Serazziaimed at various industries.

ncorporated on
1945, the company gained a well established reputation of product quality and reliability.

roduct portfolio covers various industries, including:

- Telecommunication and Networking
- Professional electronics
- Radio industry
- Automation
- Security


Rertech is a supplier of telecommunication and security solutions, providing its customers with products, consultancy, logistics and support.

Rertech delivers to many countries worldwide, with a focus on Eastern Europe and Middle East regions.

Rertech product portfolio includes:Rertech patch panel

- Structured cabling solutions
- Copper cables splicing products
- Fibre to the Home (FTTH) solutions
- Access control


Wolf Kabeltechnik is a German based company specializing in environmental protection and safety products related to cable deployment and maintainance.

Among them:

- CO2-free cable duct sealing systems

- Water and pressure tightness monitoring devices
- Elastic sealants and tapes
- Assembly accessories

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