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Optotec ODC closuresO
ptical Splice Closures (Optotec)
The range includes single circuit (SC) and single element (SE) closures, dome or straight type, with heat shrink or cold (mechanical) cable entries.
SC versions are particularly suitable for Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) and FTTx networks as they allow individual selection of each subscriber optical circuit.
Products are employed by world-class operators and service providers, and carry full 3P testing, including
VDE waterproof approval. Download here
product data sheets (zip file).

Optotec SUBRA sub-rackOptical Distributors (
Optical distributors include a range of 19"/ETSI mountrack subracks available in 1, 2 and 3 units height. These products feature high fiber density and extraordinary fiber management and routing. Products are available for splice only, termination only or combined splice/termination for improved flexibility. By combining them with Optotec's range of 19"/ETSI racks, these can fulfill the most demanding requirements for ODFs.
here product data sheets (zip file).

Optotec BOX2MWall Mount Distribution Boxes (
As part of a general strategy to provide solutions for optical distribution within FTTx deployment projects, Optotec has a large product portfolio, including indoor, outdoor, plastic and metal, single circuit and sigle element solutions.
here product data sheets (zip file).

ptical Outlets
These include a range of optical or mixed optical/copper subscriber outlets to fulfill most operator requirements.
here product data sheets (zip file).

Cable assembliesCable Assemblies and Components (
Optotec also manufactures and delivers connectivity products such as
connectors, adapters, patch cords and pigtails, fusion and planar splitters, WDMs-WWDMs-CWDMs, Attenuators etc... 
State of the art,
field installable optical connectors, mechanical and fusion type, are also available to serve growing demand for FTTH networks.

As a leading optical cable manufacturer, AKSH Optifibre manufactures and delivers custom made cables involving G652B, G652D, G655, G657A1/A1,AKSH outdoor cable as well as OM1, OM" and OM3 multimode fibres, in tight, loose and ribbon configuration.
However, standard cable production includes:

- Aerial cables (ADSS)
- Duct cables
- Direct buried cables
- Air-blown micro cables
- Steel wire armoured cables
- FTTH vertical cables
- Indoor/outdoor cables
- Ceramic armoured cables (NEW!)

Download here the full product catalogue


Wolf Kabeltechnik's products effectively protect your network from water and gas leakages and from rodents.

ADE/V air inflatable seals are used to seal cable running in ducts against water and gases. They feature full reusability, sealing of multiple cables without separation clips and durable sealing behaviour (>20 years), reducing total cost of ownership with regards to alternative sealing solutions. Furthermore, they use no CO2 as inflating agent, then protectig our environment.

Simple yet effective water detectors can sense water into optical splice closures and generate an alarm to the network monitoring system by creating a punctual controlled attenuation on the monitored fiber. Prompt maintenance shall avoid network downtime and failures due to fiber breakings.

A rodent protection programme, combining different solutions, will protect your cables in manholes and distribution cabinets thus reducing network recovering costs and minimizing unplanned downtimes of the network.


Mantovani-Serazzi manufactures a large range of copper pair and copper coaxial products, including custom made cables and Belden
® and Alpha® equivalent audio and instrumentation cables. Download below product catalogue(s):

- Telephone cables
- Coaxial cables
- Shielded cables
- Audio and instrumentation cables (Belden® and Alpha® cross reference)

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